What We Offer

We are an Africa based, Africa focused and Africa centric organisation

Specialised Research Products

Social Surveys Africa has developed several unique research products that exemplify our commitment to innovation, evidence-based policy input and understanding communities in context.

Community Tapestry

Unrest Scale

Mobility Model

Social Cohesion & Social Licence to Operate

Strategy & Research Services

Early Grade Learner Assessments

Short-term research support & Quality Control Services

Monitoring & Evaluation

Social Issues in Mining

Strategic Partnerships

Social Surveys partners with various discipline and industry specialists. A few of our key partners include:

an autonomous association of all 257 South African local governments.

a Southern African non-profit company focused on democracy development within the region.

a neutral multi-stakeholder platform for debate on social issues in mining.

an international social enterprise that designs, facilitates, and guides processes that enable teams of stakeholders to make progress on their toughest challenges.

a non-profit civic technology lab that implements and advocates for open data, open government, and civic technology.