Social Issues in Mining

Extractive industries generate complex relationships between mining companies, communities and governments. We understand the social dynamics from all stakeholder perspectives.

What is Social Surveys’ approach to social issues in mining?

Social Surveys Africa has a 30 year track-record of evidence-based advisory on social issues in the mining sector. This has included work in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Tanzania.


We conduct employee studies to provide insight on levels of satisfaction, productivity, housing and transport needs, migration profiles, safety awareness, skills audits, and many other social areas of concern.


In relation to near-mining communities, we provide strategic direction through studies on social licence to operate, social impact assessments, migration patterns, SLP and CSI need and impact studies, relocation and in-site upgrade studies.

Who can benefit from this?

Mining Companies, to understand the preferences and needs of their employees, and the nature of employee families and the communities in which employees live.


Municipalities and government agencies operating in mining areas needing insights into the social footprint of mining and the implications for social development and service provision.


Civil society organisations working with and in near-mining communities seeking to understand the needs and impacts of social investments in this complex environment.

Who is using this already?

Our mining sector partners include Mining Dialogues 360°, where we are represented on the Advisory Council.


We have conducted studies for most of the major mining houses with South African operations in gold, coal, PGMs & diamonds as well as gold in Tanzania and diamonds in Botswana.


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