Wind the clock back 30 years…

In 1987 when Social Surveys Africa was born, bombs were going off across South African cities and the State of Emergency was in full force. Brenda Fassie had just released her first album Ag Shame Lovey, and in Zaire, Franco was playing “Mario”. The Soviet Union was on its last legs and the United Nations had just introduced the concept of “sustainable development.” There was no World Wide Web, cell phones were only for the super rich and Nando’s had just opened its first outlet.

Today, we would hardly recognise this world, so much has it changed.

One constant through these three decades has been the way in which dynamic and relentlessly shifting communities have influenced the bigger picture that is our South Africa, our continent and the world. Only by understanding the forces that define these communities can we hope to find ways to strengthen them for the benefit of all.

That is precisely what the team at Social Surveys has been doing since 1987, demonstrating for 30 years that knowledge may be power, but understanding is everything.

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Knowledeg is Power but understanding is Everything