Community Engagement

We understand the social dynamics from all stakeholder perspectives and help to bridge the gap between stakeholders including corporates, municipalities, and communities, building stronger relationships and reducing conflict.


Stakeholders (people or groups) with
common geography or interests


Including Stakeholders in processes and
supporting meaningful contribution

What is Social Survey's approach to community engagement?

SSA believes that community engagement works best when it is an ongoing cumulative process that enables relationships and trust to build and strengthen over time. Our approach to community engagement considers what role communities affected by the issue under study should play in the research process itself.

This approach tends to:

Who can benefit from this?

Companies needing to better understand the nature of their doorstep communities, as well as the issues that affect them to increase their social license to operate and develop community sensitive SLPs and Social Impact Assessments.


Municipalities and government agencies operating in mining areas needing insights into the social footprint of mining and the implications for social development and service provision.


Civil society organisations working with and in near-mining communities seeking to understand the needs and impacts of social investments in this complex environment.

How can I access this?

Social Surveys Africa offers bespoke strategy and research services. For more information, contact or call 011 486 1025.

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