A call for social solidarity in South Africa

We, as civic organisations, trade unions, organisations of informal workers, faith-based organisations
and community structures in South Africa, call on all people, every stakeholder and sector, to contain
infection, reduce transmission and mitigate the social and political impacts of the COVID-19 virus.
Government retains a critical role in coordinating actions and distributing resources, yet its efforts
will not be enough if we do not hold it to account and commit to a broad, bottom-up, public effort at
this time. In a society as unequal as ours, we must work together to ensure that all safety measures are
shared equitably.
We have a particular duty to safeguard those who are most vulnerable, those who are already living
with hunger, weakened immune systems and poor access to health care. Greater restrictions and
shutdowns are coming, but they will only work if full support is provided to working class and poor
communities. Drastic measures are needed if we are to avoid disaster. Each of us must act now.
Acknowledging other statements coming from fellow movements and organisations, we put forward the
following Programme of Action for all of us to work towards in the coming days.

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