Social Surveys Africa is committed to increasing the quality of social research standards on the African continent. This includes nurturing new generations of researchers as well as supporting institutions that use social research to inform their decision-making to do so with a critical understanding of the methods involved. We therefore offer a range of trainings to both aspirant and active researchers, data analysts, postgraduate students, as well as organisations that use research and/or data scientific methods. We also offer personalised training based on your specific needs.

All of our trainings are designed to match the knowledge level and needs of the participants, and so modules can be adapted and combined in different ways. We offer trainings at our training centre in Forest Town, Johannesburg and also provide in-house training for organisations who wish to capacitate their staff or members.

A selection of training topics include:

For Organisations using Research to inform Strategy and Policy

  • How to identify research needs that support your strategy
  • How to interpret research reports and what research findings mean for your organisation
  • How to design an effective TOR when commissioning research
  • How to design on-going data collection within your organisation and how to analyse it to inform management and strategy
  • Research skills for M&E
  • Designing research to support CSI decision-making and impact monitoring

For Researchers

The following topics are covered at introductory and advanced levels

  • Interviewing techniques
  • Group interview facilitation techniques
  • Participatory methods (mapping, multi-media, etc.)
  • Survey design
  • Data entry and quality control
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Quantitative data analysis with Excel
  • Quantitative data analysis with SPSS
  • Research report writing skills
  • Research proposal writing skills
  • Research findings presentation skills
  • Research ethics

Training Space Available

Our training centre can also be rented out by other research and social development-related organisations for trainings or workshops.

For enquiries, or to discuss your training needs, contact 011 486 1025 or