Where is South Africa headed over the next ten years? Beyond the emotional ups and downs of the daily news cycle, what underlying indicators do we need to track to assess the long-term stability of the country and the probably trajectory in terms of social cohesion?

Social Surveys Africa is proud to be associated with the Indlulamithi Scenarios 2030, which help the country think about how the decisions we take today will impact on the way the country will develop into the future. SSA has turned the key driving forces underpinning the three Scenario narratives into 52 measurable indicators which we will track annually in the form of the Indlulamithi Barometer.

The first Indlulamithi Barometer, launched in June 2019, shows that South Africa is teetering on the brink of the ‘worst case’ scenario, Gwara Gwara, a nation torn between immobility and restless energy, a demoralized land of disorder and decay. The Barometer shows that the key driver of this scenario is the high levels of social inequality, while there is some hope in the dimensions of Leadership and Institutional Capacity, as well as citizen spirit and perceptions (Resistance, Resentment or Reconciliation).

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