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Monitoring and Evaluation: A necessary tool for Social Change

With COVID-19 revealing the divides between the haves and the have-nots and continuously skyrocketing social inequality, the role played by monitoring and evaluation cannot be downplayed. At its core, monitoring and evaluation provide us with answers in terms of how we are moving towards a society that is more just and equitable. We need to track the progress we are making with the National Development Plan and Sustainable Development Goals, and monitoring and evaluation is one of our most important scientific tools to do that objectivity.

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Civil Society, Philanthropy, Giving & Volunteering

Measuring the Contribution of Volunteering to the Sustainable Development Goals

As part of the global working group on measuring the contribution of volunteering to the Sustainable Development Goals, Bev Russell, Social Surveys Africa CEO, presented on the measurement of volunteering in the Global South at the Twelfth International Conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR) in June

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Methods and Field Notes

Field Workers or Field Researchers?

In all large-scale studies, and many small or medium-scale studies, primary data is not collected by the researchers who design and analyse the research but by ‘field workers’. In conventional research publications and methodology text books, this crucial group of researchers are either entirely silenced or are relegated to discussions

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Community Tapestry

Rethinking rural development planning

Bev Russell, Social Surveys CEO, presented a paper at the 9th Rural Development Policy Conference (24-25 May 2018, Durban, South Africa) entitled “Rethinking rural development planning: Mainstreaming economic development in rural communities through user-friendly information systems.” Bev’s talk focused on Data availability and transparency for accountability and co-governance; Informed developmental

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