about us

What characterises the work of Social Surveys Africa?

30 years of experience in facilitating evidence-based, strategic decision making and policy direction to NGOs, governments, corporations and universities.

In-depth understanding

  • Respectful, rich and textured research
  • Detailed understanding of the social environment
  • Understand what social factors contribute to individual behaviour and / or behaviour change

Strategic thinking

  • Leading specialist in social & development strategy
  • Depth of knowledge & experience in a broad spectrum of social areas
  • We provide relevant and useful direction for decision makers by linking information with strategic aims


  • Strong monitoring and evaluation expertise, making for more impactful intervention strategies

Technical expertise

  • Strong statistical emphasis
  • Innovative & creative research using both qualitative & quantitative methods
  • Highly skilled, experienced, established team of National, multi-lingual field researchers

Strong use of technology (e.g. PDAs, video research)

100% South African owned, level 4 B-BBEE contributor