South African Elections 2019: All Published Manifestos


While putting together the Khetha! Online elections game (play, learn something new and win airtime!) we realised that there was no one-stop list of manifestos of parties competing in the 2019 South African national and provincial elections. So we contacted all 48 political parties registered to contest the national elections and found out that:

• Only 28 (58%) have official websites
• Only 18 (38%) have official manifestos

So here they are. Inform yourself! Then play Khetha! and let us know your thoughts.

  1. African Christian Democratic Party
  2. African Democratic Change
  3. African National Congress
  4. African People’s Convention
  5. African Transformation Movement
  6. Azanian People’s Organisation
  7. Black First Land First
  8. Congress of the People
  9. Democratic Alliance
  10. Democratic Liberal Congress
  11. Economic Freedom Fighters
  12. Forum for Service Delivery
  13. Inkatha Freedom Party
  14. Land Party
  15. National Freedom Party
  16. People’s Revolutionary Movement
  17. United Democratic Movement
  18. Vryheid Front+


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